The European Salt Consultancy free of charge advise on salt shippers, salt production, salt manufacture, and give free advice to salt producers, salt manufacturers, salt suppliers and salt distributors. We advise on all types of salts including vacuum salts, the production of marine salts, rock salts, table salts, and the manufacture of low sodium salts, nitrite salts, tablet salts, micro fine salts, and production of de-icing salts, de icing salts, and distributers of road, winter and fishery salts. The Consultancy supply advice usage for salt for cooking, brine, pickling, curing, marinades, poultry, flavouring, marinade, granular, canning, curing, for cheese.

The Consultancy provide information on salt usage for the bakery industry margarine, butter, yoghurt, yogurt and for flavouring. We advise usage for the Food industry ham, bacon, fish, sausages, salami, bouillon, cubes, soups, sauces, bread, biscuits. And the Fishery industry sea salt mix.

The European Salt Consultancy supply all european countries including north europe: Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway. We cover west central europe: Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, France, and all countries within the United Kingdom (UK) - Scotland, England Ireland and Wales.
We distribute to eastern europe: Lithuania, Poland and Russia. Our european products may be better know as salz, sel, sal, sale, zout, veisalt, vegsalt, vintersalt, fiskerisalt, fiskesalt, kjottsalt, leverandorer, agenter, distributorer, produsenter, tranportorer, elektrolyse, oste, smor, bakerisalt, finsalt or lake.